Wednesday Tea - We B Tea
Wednesday Tea - We B Tea
Wednesday Tea - We B Tea
Wednesday Tea - We B Tea

Wednesday Tea - We B Tea

Hydration & Relaxation, 150 g.


I lager

279,00 kr

inkl. moms


Organic Wednesday tea is a rooibos tea blend reminding you to keep both feet on the ground and breath, let's be honest it's a reminder we all need sometimes.

The Wednesday blend does not contain any caffeine and will keep your body relaxed while taking care of the essentials, like boosting and protecting your body.

Let’s relax and restore our energy.

Rooibos natural, ginger, orange peel, natural flavouring marigold, cranberry.

Rooibos natural

Naturally free from caffeine, rich in antioxidants and minerals.


Known to reduce nausea and upset stomachs also shown anti-inflammatory effects.

Orange peel

Rich in vitamin C, calcium and thiamine which is needed to keep a healthy nerve function.


Marigold in tea was traditionally used to reduce gastritis, acid reflux and tummy ulcers, as well as reducing stomach or menstrual cramps.


Rich in vitamin E which is good for your skin and cells. Cranberries contain a substance called proanthocyanidin which is suspected of protecting against bacteria.